Happening Zones


Outdoor Learning Hub – Topic areas




The outdoor Learning Hub will offer children and young people many different growing experiences from commercial farming to a garden vegetable patch to permaculture and windowsill sprouting. It will offer something for everyone with the emphasis on making growing an accessible process no matter where you live.

The classroom itself will lead onto a series of raised beds that will be planted in rotation so that when children visit there will always be a cycle of seed >shoot>plant>fruit available to explore.


The field area will contain a range of cereal crops, vegetables and fruit trees so that children can explore produce at farming scale. These crops will be largely grown from heritage seeds thereby offering young people the experience of exploring rare and unusual plants and vegetables. This area will also contain a permaculture area where young people can explore the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.




The classroom will host a small kitchen. Children will be encouraged to taste the produce that is grown in the Learning Hub but we will always ensure that when children pick and eat vegetables they will plant something in return. The children and young people will have the opportunity to explore different recipes with an emphasis on fun, healthy food.


Other Happening Zones that we hope to develop as part of the Outdoor Learning Hub:


  • Habitats and wildlife
  • Forest School
  • Pond-dipping
  • Creative Play
  • Sensory Exploration