Frogmary Green Farm


Frogmary Green Farm is an 800 acre arable farm on the outskirts of South Petherton close to the A303. The farm grows grass, cereals, maize and fodder beet and produces chickens to the Freedom Food standard which is backed by the RSPCA.


The farmers, Nick and Claire Bragg, have huge respect for the natural environment and are working hard to protect and enhance it:  "In 2008, we planted what we proudly call our arboretum! This consists of approximately 230 trees around our pond (which was finished by then!). In all we’ve planted around 1,600 trees in addition to four kilometers of new hedgerows."


‘We believe that a huge part of our job as farmers is to help people understand where their food comes from and to break down some of the barriers that exist between producers and consumers although our greatest emphasis is on children’s education through our school visits.’ Nick and Claire Bragg


More than 1,000 children have visited the farm over the past two years and the farm has close links with the local primary and infant schools. Visits are tailored to school requirements and can include chickens, crops, renewables and wildlife areas.