Framework Update - December 2018

Following a well-received launch on 28th June, the Somerset Wellbeing Framework has had a very successful term supporting schools across the county to develop a 'whole school approach' to mental health.


What is the Somerset Wellbeing Framework? A reminder...

The Somerset Wellbeing Framework uses an eight principle approach to promote wellbeing in schools. The principles underpin an effective whole-school approach and provide the scaffolding needed to cover every aspect of school life.  The framework includes a Wellbeing Audit Tool and an online scrapbooks where schools can capture evidence and celebrate success against evidence-based Pillars of Wellbeing.



What are the Somerset Wellbeing Framework Outcomes?

  • To focus on ensuring effective practice and provision is in place that promotes the emotional wellbeing and mental health of both staff and pupils
  • To change the long-term culture of schools and embed an ethos where mental health is regarded as everyone’s business

How many schools are signed up so far?

  • Number of schools registered on Somerset Wellbeing Framework website: 123
  • Number of schools registered since September: 74
  • Number of schools actively engaged with the Wellbeing Audit Tool: 41
  • Number of Primary settings actively engaged with the Wellbeing Audit Tool:26
  • Number of secondary and middle settings engaged with the Wellbeing Audit Tool:15 
  • Number of schools that have submitted scrapbook evidence: 3

Training & Resources

As part of the Somerset Wellbeing Framework Public Health are providing a range of training and resources to help schools to promote and cultivate a culture of wellbeing alongside more targeted support for those young people that need more. 



These include the resources on the Public Health website: 

  • The Somerset Wellbeing Framework - Wellbeing Audit Tool & Pillars of Wellbeing Scrapbook Pages
  • The Mental Health Toolkit - Resources, online training and links
  • The Parent Toolkit - One stop shop for information and tips for parents on all aspects of health and wellbeing
  • The Somerset Children and Young People's Survey (SCYPS)


LIFEbeat PSHE CPD - 3 Day Programme which helps staff to develop concrete skills around:

  • the successful delivery of PSHE including Relationships and Sex Education
    Adopting a 'whole school approach' to mental health
    Implementing the Pillars of Wellbeing - Belonging, Relationships & Lifestyles

LIFEbeat Pillars of Wellbeing - 1 day creative practice trainings based on Belonging, Relationships and Lifestyles

For further details: LIFEbeat Training  


Specialist Mental Health Training - Part of developing a 'whole school approach' to mental health involves identifying children and young people that have additional needs and targeting effective support to meet those needs. To help enable this, we are offering a range of specialist mental health training for school staff to help them; manage children and young people's needs at school level and be equipped to access appropriate organisation and services for further support.


For further details of self-harm training: Self-Harm Training   

New! For further details of bereavement and loss training: Bereavement and Loss Training  


Recognition and Wellbeing Awards


SAVE THE DATE! 4th July 2019 - Somerset Wellbeing Framework Award - Celebration Event

In collaboration with the SHARE Team, Public Health will be hosting a celebration event where

Schools (including young people, children, parents and staff) will present some of the work they have been developing and gain recognition against The Pillars of Wellbeing.


Who Else Can Help?

Additional Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for Schools: Framework Support