5 November 2013
Five Ways to Wellbeing APP

Somerset Public Health is very pleased to launch a new Five Ways to Wellbeing app to help people improve their wellbeing through everyday activities.


The Five Ways to Wellbeing were designed as a mental health equivalent to the ‘5 a day’ fruit and vegetable campaign for physical health. The Five Ways are based on an extensive review of the actions people can take that are positively associated with good mental health and wellbeing. They were developed by nef (new economics foundation) as the result of a commission by Foresight, a Government think-tank. The principle behind the Five Ways is that as we develop our strengths and resources we will also be more emotionally resilient and better able to deal with life’s challenges as and when they arrive.


The Five Ways to Wellbeing have now entered into the digital world with a free app that gives anyone with access to a smartphone, iPad or similar device, a chance to reflect on their wellbeing, set activities to help improve their wellbeing and track their progress – all from the comfort of a phone or tablet. The app has been built to be very flexible providing a free and convenient way of reminding yourself to look after your wellbeing and take time to Connect, Take Notice, Be Active, Keep Learning and Give.


Download the Five Ways to Wellbeing app for free from the Google play and Apple App Store


 The Five Ways to Wellbeing app offers the following functions:


  • Self-assess how well you carry out each of the Five Ways and track how well you are doing
  • Set personal activities to complete within a chosen timeframe
  • Track activities completed and earn trophies as you go
  • Set reminders to reflect so each week you can review how you are doing
  • Learn about wellbeing and how the Five Ways can help you
  • Find out how other people have used the Five Ways in the personal stories section
  • Get a quote a day to help you keep working on your wellbeing
  • Use the well-researched further information and support.

The intention is to offer a light touch, non-prescriptive approach suggesting activities rather than goals. It allows the person to decide their own pace and what matters to them. Give it a try. It’s free!