7 November 2013
Domestic Abuse and Violence – guidance for educational settings in Somerset

Organisations that work with children and young people are in a good position to identify those who may be experiencing domestic violence/abuse, both at home and within their own relationships. They are also key to raising the issue of domestic abuse in a safe and structured environment.


The Safer Somerset Partnership and Public Health have developed a new guidance for schools and educational settings to help support staff in this highly sensitive area. The guidance provides educational settings with a framework to follow when responding to a wide range of issues that domestic violence and abuse can present. It offers clarification of terms and definitions, some guidance for supporting families, children and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse and it also provides information on recommended resources for delivering school-based ‘Healthy Relationship’ education.


To access guidance please look here.


Is this safe? #Cybersafe in #Somerset


Domestic Abuse Awareness Week is 25th to 29th November 2013, (with the 25th being the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women). Safer Somerset Partnership and Against Domestic Violence and Abuse in Devon Partnership have joined forces with a campaign focus on Cyberstalking. During November local radio and television stations will be broadcasting information in Somerset and Devon to raise awareness of online stalking.


Stalking affects millions of people in the UK. According to the Home Office, 9.3% of men/boys and 18.7% of women/girls have been victims of stalking since the age 15.


Social networking sites, mobile devices, email and digital technology have opened up a whole new element of risk for victims of domestic abuse from Cyberstalking. This is a particular issue for young people who are the greatest users of social media.


For further information on cyber safety and tips about keeping personal information safe online, look here.


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