13 January 2014
ChildLine Schools Service

Talking to children about abuse and how to get help The ChildLine Schools Service is providing highly trained volunteers to talk to primary school children about abuse, giving them the skills to protect themselves and showing them where to go to for help.


By 2016, it is hoped hope that volunteers will speak to every primary school child and continue visiting each school every two years - reaching 1.7 million children across the UK. Research shows that, on average, two children in every primary school classroom have suffered neglect or abuse. However, whether it's through fear or lack of information, children aren't seeking help or telling anyone what's happening until they are much older.


The ChildLine Schools Service will focus on primary school children from age 7 -11 years, with a particular focus on 9 -11 year olds initially.


The service is provided free of charge and all resources are provided by The NSPCC.


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