13 January 2014
Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

Roll out and support for staff – January onwards


Somerset has a new Early Help Strategy which will impact on the way we work with our children and young people.


As a part of the strategy, the local authority and partners have developed a revised Common Assessment Framework (CAF) which is intended for use by all services working with children and young people.  Representatives from a range of organisations including; children centres, schools, children’s social care, the early intervention hubs, public health nursing and others, have all been involved in developing our new CAF.  The result is we now have a meaningful system that provides a standardised approach to conducting an assessment of a child's additional needs and deciding how those needs should be met.   


To help staff working in children’s services be familiar with the new CAF some concise awareness training is being developed for delivery from January onwards.    The aim of the training programme is to equip practitioners with the knowledge and confidence to work with all children, young people and families to guarantee positive outcomes and the best support available. The training will take the form of taught input and E-learning assessment which is accredited.  The programmes will be offered across the county, in morning, afternoon and twilight sessions, dates and details will follow shortly.