7 May 2014
Parliamentary inquiry into PSHE and SRE

The House of Commons Education Committee has announced enquiry into Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and Sex and Relationships Education


The committee are asking for submissions by 12pm on Friday 6 June 2014 on the following points:

  • Whether PSHE ought to be statutory, either as part of the National Curriculum or through some other means of entitlement.
  • Whether the current accountability system is sufficient to ensure that schools focus on PSHE.
  • The overall provision of Sex and Relationships Education in schools and the quality of its teaching, including in primary schools and academies.
  • Whether recent Government steps to supplement the guidance on teaching about sex and relationships, including consent, abuse between teenagers and cyber-bullying, are adequate.
  • How the effectiveness of SRE should be measured.

For further details follow the link to: Parliamentary inquiry into PSHE and SRE