7 May 2014
Read Well: Books on Prescription for Children and Young People

Somerset County Council is offering a Books on Prescription scheme for children, young people and their parents and carers. The list of over twenty books has been created to help young people cope with mental health problems, and other issues that affect their health and wellbeing.


Any young person, who is having troubles coping with their life, could be offered a “book prescription” by their doctor that will enable them to collect a specially recommended title from their local library.


An approved list of titles have been carefully selected for their quality and include help on issues such as resolving conflict, reducing anxiety, dealing with bullying through being more assertive, low mood, increasing self-esteem, bereavement and loss. Many of the books in the scheme are self-help titles. They give advice and information and set the reader things to do to help them feel better.


Under the scheme, doctors can prescribe books to a concerned parent, carer or young person directly, if they feel a child or young person will benefit more from self-help advice rather than conventional forms of medication or as an addition to other treatment. The person would then take the “prescription” to the library. At the library the books can be borrowed and the person’s details associated with the issued book will remain strictly confidential. This scheme compliments the adults Reading Well - Books on Prescription scheme.


While only GPs can ‘prescribe’ the books, schools are welcome to make use of the list and can borrow books on a normal library card.


Click here for details of the titles included on the Books on Prescription list.


The books are available in Somerset’s largest libraries, and will be located with the adult Reading Well Books on Prescription collection. A list of the titles is available in all libraries and books can be reserved free of charge at any library.