7 May 2014
Step into my shoes for the day

Barnardo's Mandala Therapy and Play Service


An interactive and experiential training day for all practitioners who work directly with children and young people facing emotional difficulties.


Friday July 11th 9.30-3.30, The Meadway Hall, Compton Dundon: Cost: £60


The day will be facilitated by creative therapists and play specialists. The programme will include:


  • Theory of neuroscience and childhood developmental trauma.
  • Workshops applying theory to practice, giving you tools and resources.
  • Understanding children's behaviour as communication and learning to recognise and meet the underlying need.
  • How past experiences of trauma, abuse and neglect impact on children and young people's current physiology and behaviour.
  • Using sensory activities to calm a child's overwhelmed nervous system.
  • Help children learn physical self-regulation & build emotional resilience.
  • Building trust, creating calm spaces allowing children to relax and engage
  • Self-care for practitioners
  • Being creative on a limited budget

 "Only after children master the ability to engage in pleasurable activities without becoming hyperaroused or distressed do they have a chance to develop the capacity to play with other children, interact with adults, participate in simple group activities, and address more complex, cognitively based issues." From 'Trauma-Informed Practice With Children and Adolescents', p.95.


For information about how to apply: Step Into My Shoes for the Day