16 September 2014
Operation Smokestorm

October is just around the corner which means it’s the time for the final preparations for the Stoptober challenge.

Last year nearly 250,000 people took part in Stoptober to reap the fiscal, health, and social benefits from quitting smoking. Research has suggested stopping smoking for 28 days can extend a smokers life by up to 1 week. Further research has suggested the average smoker consumes 364 cigarettes in a month, stopping smoking for 28 days will save them £141 and if they remain smoke free till Christmas they could save £423. 

If you would like to save some money and get the Operation Smoke Storm licence for your school during October for free then contact:

Tomasz Letniowski
Tel. 020 3434 2526



IN ADDITION: The Smokefree Somerset Alliance will fund  a 1 year licence for any school that hasn’t had one previously (KS3), if they want to continue after the trial.