21 November 2014
Parents support sex and relationships education at primary school

On 19th November the Sex Education Forum published results of a parent survey. The survey found that:


The overwhelming majority of parents want important aspects of sex and relationships education (SRE) to be taught in primary schools, according to a new survey published today by the Sex Education Forum, based at leading children's charity the National Children's Bureau (NCB).

The survey, which sought the opinion of parents of children aged 4-16, finds the majority want schools to teach a balanced curriculum that helps primary pupils understand their bodies, appropriate behaviour, and online safety.


More than three-quarters (78%) of the parents surveyed wanted their children to learn about the difference between safe and unwanted touch and how to speak up if someone treats them inappropriately, whilst 72% of parents felt that primary schools should educate children on what to do if they find online pictures showing private body parts or are asked to send them.


Almost two-thirds of parents (64.5%) are clear that they want primary schools to teach basic, medically correct terms for sexual organs such as vagina and penis. With a similar number (65.5%) agreeing that primary pupils should be taught about puberty before they start to experience changes to their body. At least 15% were undecided on these topics.


Parents were very clear that teachers need relevant training, with 80% stating that those teachers that teach SRE should have training in the subject. 7 out of 10 parents would welcome help and support from their child's school about how they can talk to their child about growing up and related issues.