10 April 2015
Dementia Awareness Week 2015

17th – 23rd May


Dementia is rapidly becoming one of the most challenging diseases our generation faces, and one that will be an even greater challenge for our children’s generation. With over two million people in the UK set to have dementia by 2050, students in school today are very likely to come into contact with a disease that can be confusing, intimidating and scary - one in three young people already will have. The Alzheimer’s Society has made it a priority to raise awareness amongst young people; they recognise that schools are key to doing this effectively.


The Alzheimers Society have therefore developed KS3 (and very soon KS2) resources available by request, allowing schools to weave dementia awareness into the curriculum however they choose.  This will not only develop numerous cross-curricular skills and prepare our future carers, doctors and policy makers for the future, but also help to make local communities more dementia friendly.


Dementia Awareness Week provides a great opportunity to engage young people with the subject: schools are encouraged to request the resources, use them and to let the Society know how it goes!


A number of schools are already taking action, for instance Chatsworth School (Hounslow, London) has already delivered dementia awareness sessions to 600 staff and students, and aims to make the whole school dementia friendly!


Schools may also qualify for the schools category of the Society's 'Dementia Friendly Communities Awards', for further information please email: