28 April 2015
Free diabetes training for schools and colleges

Free tools and information packs


The 2014 Children & Families Act sets out a school's duty to make arrangements to support pupils at school with medical conditions. To support schools in this duty, Diabetes UK have launched a campaign: Type 1 Diabetes: make the grade, which aims to ensure that all children with Type 1 diabetes get the care they need and deserve at school. Through this campaign Diabetes UK are raising awareness about diabetes whilst enabling schools and communities to understand that good care at school is achievable for children with Type 1 Diabetes.


Online resources


Diabetes UK provide free tools, which includes handy packs for schools and parents along with a variety of useful online information. These can be used to help schools put the correct policies and procedures in place and to help parents understand what to expect from their child’s school.


The Hands Up video features children, parents, teachers and nurses explaining what great care means to children with Type 1. Helpful packs can be ordered or downloaded.


Free on-site PSHE/science lessons and/or staff training


A team of trained speakers and facilitators can visit schools to deliver fun and interactive lessons.


The lessons are specifically created to meet the needs of children at different stages in their development and include lessons for different key stages:

  • KS 2: A fun and interactive session looking at how the body uses food as energy and what happens for someone with diabetes. These have been used as part of Science Week or Health Week
  • KS 3: An interactive lesson in which the pupils model how the body uses food and the impact of Diabetes Type 1 and 2 on this process.  These have been used as part of the Science Curriculum or in the PHSE programme
  • KS 4 &/or 5: An interactive lesson adapted to match your curriculum

These sessions, which adopt a whole school approach, are designed to help raise awareness and to support children with diabetes.


Short focused training sessions for school staff covering the practicalities and issues around supporting pupils with diabetes are also available. It is vital that all staff have an awareness of diabetes and understand how to support the needs of pupils with Diabetes Type 1.


These sessions are provided free of charge.


f you would like to book a session for your school please contact Claire Gordon, Regional Director DUK or call the DUK SW Office on 01823 448260.