20 November 2015
Letter from Directors
Julian Wooster, the Director of Children's Services, and Trudi Grant, the Director of Public Health, have invited schools and colleges across Somerset to participate in the 2016 Children's Health and Wellbeing survey.



In a letter to schools they write: 


Public Health is about to run the second Somerset Children and Young People’s Survey (SCYPS) and we are keen to encourage as many schools and colleges as possible to take part.


The survey, which was first run in 2014, has enabled schools to gain invaluable insight into children and young people’s experiences of life, both inside and outside of school. This information will help us all plan for the future wellbeing of children and young people in Somerset.


The survey is structured around five key areas that relate to improving young people’s health, wellbeing and life chances:

  1. The extent to which pupils feel safe
  2. The extent to which pupils adopt healthy lifestyles
  3. Relationships and emotional wellbeing
  4. Citizenship and aspirations
  5. The effectiveness of care, guidance and support

The second survey will take place in March 2016 with an estimated 20,000 children and young people eligible to take part from NC Years 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12. Each school will receive a full confidential report of their results, as compared with the Somerset average, with access to additional district level and health-focused reports.


The county Public Health services have organised two pre-survey training events where schools can find out how to run the survey in their setting.


To register for the survey, including details about the training events, please go to: www.cypsomersethealth.org


This is an important opportunity to improve outcomes for children and young people and will assist in better understanding the issues that affect children and young people’s lives and their capacity to learn.