28 January 2016
Speak Out Stay Safe

Speak Out, Stay Safe


The NSPCC School Service has developed a ground breaking initiative, the ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ programme (delivered free at the point of delivery) that delivers safeguarding assemblies and workshops for Year 5/6 (soon to be extended to include both KS1 and KS2). These assemblies support children in developing the tools to stay safe, recognise the signs of abuse and to know where to get help if they need it. It is in line with new Ofsted criteria, including safeguarding and the PSHE Association’s programme of study.



  • Research has shown that, on average, two children in every primary school classroom have suffered abuse or neglect.
  • A new study by YouGov shows ONLY 36% of adults taking part in the survey would have been able to recognise abuse if it was happening to them when they were at school.
  • Only 38% of these adults claim they would have known who to ask for help.
  • 79% thought educating children about abuse would be a powerful weapon against child abuse.

Teachers’ feedback to our programme has shown that 87% of children are now more aware about who to turn to if the felt unsafe after having the assembly and workshops.


Further information about this programme and other training available to schools below:


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