23 January 2017
FREE Public Health England e-Bug Training!

The Public Health England e-Bug team have developed an online training module to give teachers the confidence, knowledge and skills to use e-Bug in the delivery of important public health topics. The e-Bug Training Module for Educators is accessible here. This training is incredibly important for primary teachers and secondary science teachers as National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance launched this week recommends that all schools should use e-Bug to teach about health topics such as hygiene and antibiotics.

Follow NICE guidance and complete the online e-Bug training and evaluation survey to get your CPD certificate approved by the Royal Society of Biology. We are also offering a £5 high street gift voucher to those who complete the training and the survey (limited availability!).

  • Do you want FREE Public Health England training?
  • Do you want a CPD certificate approved by the Royal Society of Biology?
  • Do you want to follow NICE guidance and be confident about using the e-Bug resources?


If you answered yes to the above then please complete the online training and accompanying survey here today!

If you would like further information on e-Bug please do not hesitate to contact us at or tweet us @eBug_UK


Don't spread infection, spread e-Bug!