5 February 2017
SCYPS 2018 school registration

Somerset Children and Young People Survey – We Need You!


Public Health has teamed up with the School Health Education Unit (SHEU) to undertake its 3rd 'Somerset Children and Young People Survey' (SCYPS).


The survey provides a unique insight in the lives of young people regarding their own health and wellbeing and experiences of school life. It is completed by children and young people in National Curriculum Years 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (including FE Colleges) and is free to for all educational settings in Somerset. It can be completed online or in paper format and there is training available for any school who wishes to participate.


Somerset schools who have participated in previous surveys have reported that it provides a useful and detailed insight in the wellbeing of their pupils, enabling them to demonstrate the impact of their strategies, maximise their resources, and allocate budgets appropriately.


Examples of how the survey has been a useful resource to schools are:


  • Teachers have used the data to improve the quality and delivery of their PSHE lessons;

  • Evidence to support a 'whole school approach' to wellbeing 

  • Evidence for Ofsted outcomes as well as improved governor understanding of the key issues for pupils.

  • Used to secure additional funding for pupil support services, having a direct impact on improved attendance and outcomes

The survey goes 'live' from 26th February - 31st May 2018 

So sign up now!


For further information about SCYPS please contact SHEU at  or Jameelah Ingram, local SHEU coordinator at   

To sign up to the 2018 survey go to:

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