30 August 2018
LIFEbeat Training 2018/19


During 2018/19 LIFEbeat will be delivering a range of dynamic and creative training opportunities for schools and CYP staff.


Over the last year LIFEbeat have delivered a successful PSHE CPD training programme for schools in Somerset. They have also been working in partnership with Public Health to develop the Somerset Wellbeing Framework. 

Their mission is to improve the emotional wellbeing of young people – giving them the skills and inspiration to overcome the challenges they face, to navigate the divisions in society, and to lead confident, healthy and purposeful lives. Training with LIFEbeat provides teachers, and anyone working with children and young people, with a practical toolbox of ideas and resources to help improve resilience, self-esteem, emotional intelligence and social skills.  


"I have gained confidence in my ability to lead a session and to participate with others. I felt I grew as a person by exploring some of the wellbeing techniques and applying them to myself." (Somerset PSHE training Participant 2018)


"I found the course very useful for my own personal development. I wish all staff and students could experience it" (Somerset Training Participant 2018)


This year's programme of training is directly aligned to the new Somerset Wellbeing Framework and will provide staff with concrete skills around:


  • the successful delivery of PSHE including Relationships and Sex Education
  • Adopting a 'whole school approach' to mental health
  • Implementing the Pillars of Wellbeing - Belonging, Relationships & Lifestyles

Autumn Training Offer:


PSHE CPD Training Programme for PSHE Coordinators (primary & middle schools)

19th & 20th November and 12th December 2018 - 9:00 - 5:00

This three-day course will provide participants with:

• A comprehensive overview of PSHE curriculum and the confidence to 

   deliver PSHE lessons 

• An overview of approaches to Relationships Education

• A strategy for a whole school approach to PSHE and wellbeing

   for pupils and staff

(delegates must attend all 3 dates)

To register on the CPD CLICK HERE: PSHE Creative Practice 3-day workshop leaflet.pdf 


LIFEbeat 2 Day Creative Practice - Developing a Sense of Belonging (all phases)

9th & 10th October 2018 - 9am - 4:30

The 2 day LIFEbeat creative practice workshop will teach you facilitation skills and give you a practical toolbox of creative activities designed to make group sessions more fun and engaging. Participants will also explore an approach to their own health and wellbeing.


This course is for:

• PSHE Leads/Teachers

• Pastoral Care/group mentors/group counsellors

• Behavioural Support/Inclusion workers

• Youth workers

• health professionals working in schools or with targeted groups

• Potential LIFEbeat camp staff volunteers


To register on the 2 day Creative Practice click HERE: PSHE Creative Practice belonging workshop leaflet.pdf