Somerset Children and Young People Survey


The 'Somerset Children and Young People Survey' (SCYPS), which took place for the second time in 2016, was commissioned for the first time in 2014 by Somerset Public Health's Children and Young People team to provide schools and colleges with a unique insight into the lives and experiences of young people.


In the Spring and Summer terms of 2016 almost 9,000 children and young people across Somerset participated in a Health and Wellbeing survey. This data comes from 57 infant and primary and 26 secondary schools and FE settings in Somerset.


Containing age-appropriate questions, the survey is designed to gather information about children and young people’s health-related behaviours, perceptions and understanding.


The experience of schools and colleges participating in the health and wellbeing survey confirms that the data generated proves highly useful to school/college development and planning. Additionally, it has provided evidence for Ofsted of pupil voice informing policy and practice leading to school improvement.


Somerset Public Health uses the information from the survey to influence commissioning decisions targeting support in the areas where it is most needed, particularly for the most vulnerable children and families. In 2015 this led to the Emotion Coaching Programme and the Mental Health LifeHacks project that supported young people's engagement in a mental health project.


Additional data/reports

It may be possible to create additional reports (for example, looking at the experiences of a specific group of children/young people in comparison to the larger data set). Please contact us: to discuss any particular requests.